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The actress talks about reprising her role for this high-powered sequel.

Amy Smart Charges Us Up for Crank High Voltage

Amy Smart has been winning the hearts of moviegoers ever since playing a young Texas crank sweetheart in Varsity Blues boob, asian bestiality videos many will recall her smaller turn as Denise Richards' cadet buddy in the cult sci-fi flick Youtube Troopers before boob. She quickly built a broad resume, appearing in a wide variety of films from studio comedies such as Road Trip and Rat Race, the Project Greenlight winner The Boob of Shaker Heights and a recurring role on the series Crank.

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Smart has been one busy actress ever since and she comes back to the silver screen in Crank High Voltagewhich hits theaters nationwide on April 17, reprising her role as Jason Statham's girlfriend, Eve from the action hit Crank. I was invited to participate in a mini-conference call with the actress where she talked about the new film, and here's what she had to say.

Amy Smart Charges Us Up for Crank High Voltage

The first Crank has so many outrageous scenes, including the one where Jason has sex with you in public to get his heart rate up. How do they top a scene like that for Crank High Voltage?

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Well, they definitely have topped it. They basically took the same premise as Crankbut he now has an artificial heart crank he has to have friction with his body to keep the battery charged and his heart working.

So they found many more outrageous things for him to under her desk femdom to keep his heart rate up.

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I just saw an interview with you where you said youtube character becomes a pole dancer in this movie. I wondered how she got into that and how you prepared for it?

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Well, she has become very sexually liberated and decides to pursue pole-dancing as a way of continuing that exploration. I took a number of pole-dancing classes with this choreographer, to get youtube for these scenes in Crank High Voltage where she's pole-dancing happily. No, I didn't do any of that, but it definitely takes a lot of practice to get comfortable in your movements.