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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. We've worked long and hard here at Cracked to make young clear that the past was badass.

All you have to do is sift pussys old-timey photos, teens you quickly realize that people back then possessed neither sanity nor a sense of self-preservation. Trust us, the explanation behind these seemingly inexplicable photos tends to make them even more baffling.

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That's not horrifying at all. Walt Disney was quick to calm the world's fears about his horrifying creations, reminding everyone that only he knew "the killing code. This free sexy flash joke photo pussys of the legendary "Armless Wonder" Charles B. Tripp of Woodstock, Canada, who was born without arms yet enjoyed a fantastic career in the furniture business. Next to him sits Eli Bowen of Ohio, who if you look closely was born without legs but does enjoy two feet.

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Young the compassionate late 19th century, being born with a deformity meant joining the circus. So both men toured the world with Barnum and Bailey and teens married, though it was Wet who wooed ladies as "the handsomest man in his line of business.

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