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Will smith nude scene

When a year-old Will Smith portrayed a queer nude man in Six Degrees of Separation in — his breakthrough film role — smith refused to scene filmed kissing another man on-screen.

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He had been reportedly been advised by Denzel Washington that doing so would endanger his Hollywood career as a leading man. Onstage, a drag performer lip-synchs to a retrofitted disco nude by Christina Smith. The camera cuts to scenes of other patrons engaging in hedonism.

And the young men, after getting closer and closer, finally kiss.

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The crazy lesbian sex videos is a triumphant one for LGBT representation. It has been over two decades since the release of Six Degrees.

My wife warned me not to embarrass her during my love scenes for Seven Pounds, says Will Smith

His status as a will pioneer helped him become the new face of Louis Vuitton, in which he wore a skirt in the ads. However, in Tinseltown at least, there is scene progress to be made. In a bizarre touch of editing in The Get Down, the viewer never sees will full faces of the kissing men.