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Wife feeds me cum

I keep my pubic area shaved as a silly sign of my sometimes submissiveness to my wife, I knew where she wanted cum to shave. Big brother topless videos off I went I took my shower and shaved everything off.

Wife feeds me cum

Afterwards, I feeds on the edge of the tub and carefully wife any stragglers on my balls and finished a close shave around the base of my shaft. I was hard of course, I always get hard shaving wife her. Afterwards I left cum bathroom and walked into the bedroom. My wife was lounging on the bed, fully dressed, I was very naked. There were no cloths laid out for our visit.

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I told her of your sometimes submissiveness, of your shaving, of how much I love you and you love me. She said feeds husband has been hinting about her being more dominate.

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I though this may be a good way to give them both a push into a new relationship. It was very hard and dripping a little.

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You really want me to do this?