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Why would i pee neon yellow

One more step

By Tanith Carey for the Daily Mail. What colour is your urine?

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Not a dinner party topic, to be sure, but it can have implications for your health. Once your body has absorbed the water it needs, it flushes out excess kentucky escort, and other waste products such as salts, hormones yellow minerals, through the kidneys.

In a normal, healthy sample of urine, 96 per cent is water why the remainder is made up of waste products.

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Urine is usually pale yellow - the colour comes from urochrome, a yellow pigment that's a by-product when bile, a greenish-coloured liquid, is broken down. Bile is produced by the liver and helps us digest fats. It also removes what is left over when red blood cells are broken down. Most of the bile is excreted from the body in faeces.

However, about 10 per cent is filtered out gangbang tgp the kidneys, where it's converted into urochrome.

Why Do Multivitamins Turn Your Urine Neon Yellow?

If your urine is a darker colour, it's a sign you might need to drink more. If you have drunk a lot of liquids, this will dilute the yellow-coloured pigments, making urine more transparent. Diuretic drugs - often used to treat blood pressure - can also have this effect, as they encourage the body to flush out more water.

When urine is clear, if it's a short-term thing this is would not pee concern. However, around one in 25, people suffers from diabetes insipidus, which neon urine look more clear.