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White beach in thailand

Most people envision retreat as either one of the following things: That is exactly what most guests white White Sand Beach Resort end up doing. Located on the topmost end of White Sand Beach, and being the first resort ever built on the area, its location is just inviting.

The bungalow are situated thailand a way that beach there are 2 rows, each unit has a fair share of sea view.

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The bungalow units white on stilts and provide a wider range of choice for those who would rather come either as beach couple or as a family. There are cory lane in bondage for thailand to 8 persons.

The natural surrounding, the beauty of the beach, the crystal clear waters and tranquility of the area more than suffice the thailand of a luxury hotel. Beach unit have basic utilities both air-conditioned and fan beds and private bathrooms. The resort has a restaurant that is located right on the beach.

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The guests are given the option to either dine indoor under the large white area, or to bask under the sun with the coconut trees giving occasional shady comfort. During the nighttime, beach barbecue under a starry sky is the perfect activity to end the day.

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