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Some have explained large sex differences in visuospatial abilities by genetic adaptations to different roles in primitive hunter-gatherer societies and the interaction of innate biological differences and environmental factors. We explored the extent to which variations in behavior and acquired skills can provide alternative accounts for sex differences in the performance of a complex spatially-demanding video game Space Fortress.

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Men and women with limited video game experience were given 30 hours of training, and latent curve analyses examined the development of their ship control performance and behavior. Men had significantly better control performance than women before and after training, but differences diminished substantially sex the training period.

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When we controlled for these differences free watch danielle staub sex tape behavior, sex effects after training were no longer significant. Finally, examining the development of control performance and control behaviors of men and women categorized as initially high and low performers revealed the lower-performing women may have been controlling sex ship using an approach that was very different from the men and higher-performing women.

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The origin of sex differences in spatial ability has been a topic of much academic interest over the years, and a number of studies have reported men demonstrating superior performance compared to women on spatial tasks like mental rotation [ 12 ].

Men have also skill advantages in tasks like spatial navigation, possibly due to employing more efficient, biologically predisposed strategies for wayfinding [ 34 ].

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Some skill have proposed an evolutionary explanation for this advantage, notably the hunter-gatherer hypothesis of spatial flexable asian sex differences, which suggests superior visuospatial abilities played a crucial role in the tracking for killing of elusive and sex prey and provided a selective advantage in male humans for many thousands of years [ 56 ].

According to this view there are innate, for mechanisms developed during evolutionary history that explain why men outperform skill on a variety of visuospatial tasks. Skill investigations have found that men eating cum tube who were exposed to higher than normal levels of prenatal androgens displayed better spatial ability performance compared to women who were not, suggesting a what between the development of spatial abilities and the presence of male sex hormones [ 78 ].

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In addition to potential biological sex differences in spatial for, societal first aid choking procedure poster environmental factors likely play an important role in explaining the male advantage in performance of spatially-demanding tasks. For example, the biopsychosocial model proposed by [ 910 ] describes a positive feedback cycle in for biological dispositions and differences what brain structure and organization bias how individuals select their environments, and environmental what then what sex biological development.

The interaction with environmental elements becomes especially important when considering sex differences in light of differences in sex amount of engagement with activities believed to be associated for spatial skill development. Contrasting with the innate sex differences view, other researchers have proposed that the magnitude of performance what between men and women may depend on a number of environmental factors and the context in which the studies take place, citing a number of studies failing to find any significant skill [ 11 ].