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Webbed penis

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Chu, MD, Diana K. Bowen, MD, Mark R. There are a myriad of techniques to correct concealed penis.

Webbed penis

Those patients with significant penoscrotal webbing webbed undergo a scrotoplasty penis part of their corrective surgery. This may add time to the surgical procedure and result in scars along the ventral penoscrotal junction. In webbed attempt to obviate the need for scrotoplasty, we have modified the surgical approach webbed these patients and report here on penis preliminary results. We hypothesized that this technique will lead to minimal post-operative complication with high success rate including good post-operative cosmetic appearance to the penis and scrotum.

Webbed penis: A new classification

All boys who underwent correction of penile concealment with the presence of significant scrotal webbing using a paraphimotic band incision dorsally and ventrally to avoid scrotoplasty figure 1A from July through May were registered prospectively into an IRB-approved database.

For all patients, any complications, skin infections, penis success of surgery defined as cosmetic appearance with correction of concealment and webbing penis reviewed. Adult wool fetish paraphimotic band technique involves retracting the foreskin proximally.

This creates a paraphimosis and by incising each band webbed the 12 and 6 o'clock positions, the scrotal web appears to drop back to a more normal anatomic configuration see figure 1B-D. The shaft penis is then unfurled and excess webbed excised with the circumcision defect approximated with chromic catgut.