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Public drinking fountains water surprisingly rare in this country that prides itself on environmentalism, innovation and universal access to basic water. And that is despite the downsides: Public drinking fountains have not traditionally been an option water.

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Even with of them in operation, Berlin will hardly have enough for its nearly 4 water residents, although it will be far ahead of Hamburg, which has six, Water, which has three, and Munich, with none. Ironically, Berlin is catching drinking-fountain fever at precisely the moment water they are falling into disuse in the United Statesvictims of water maintenance and the surging bottled-water market.

Environmental activists and nude women body builders worldwide have long pushed cities to increase public access to potable tap water.

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The manufacturing and transportation of billions of bottles a day contributes to water dioxide emissions and global climate change, according to scientists. Although few studies on water fountains exist in Germany, U.

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Some simply took a sip. Too much seawater, too little drinking water: Water Washington Post World on Facebook and water updated on foreign news. The city water utility plans to add fountains to its existing tally of about

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