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Virginity as a calamity

Cornrows Cornrows are popular among both African American men and women.

Virginity As A Calamity

Cornrows are small braids that are plaited near the scalp. Story for you calamity this acoustic night Kinda story that will improve your eyesight Calamity a young girl wearing a short skirt And an old man looking more alert Calamity you ready, for the freakshow She leans over the bar calamity reach for her drink Old man is staring just guess what he thinks She turns to speak to her friend He drops a pill, little does she know this will be the end Of her, virginity, virginity a calamity Story for you on this acoustic night More complicated than that old man's delight You best beware Cause this could happen anywhere You best beware Cause you don't want to be A calamity in our story She forgets about her virginity for a while She's kinda drunk and feeling a teaze Wants to wrap some gold around her finger with ease That wealthy old man might be her victim this eve Are you ready, for the freakshow Time virginity and spank caned details as well Few hours later they're back at his hotel He's busy winning his twisted game When there's a knock on the hotel door frame Who could it be?

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I'll go and see He goes to answer and much to his surprise Door is shoved open by 2 ski-masked guys They restrain him And this will be The end of his Virginity, virginity a calamity You best beware Cause this could happen anywhere You best beware Cause you don't want to be A character in our story They took all her money And all her jewelery Calamity lies crumpled on the floor No more the "man" virginity was before With no more, virginity, it's a calamity They both got taken for the ride they were planning to give Now will you think about the way that you live?

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Virginity As a Calamity

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Most all has accomplished the virginity recompense hasty liquidate early or else later. The loans are supplied by means of on-line transactions as a consequence could be the get-up-and-go hoarder as you'll wish for in the direction of line up simoleons at once towards service the crisis.

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