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Vintage vamps in uk

They may be mature but these sexy stars are just irresistible to younger men.

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The year-old Irish vamps pleas for sex fell on deaf ears. But Gosford Park star Eileen inset isn't the only ageing icon to find herself fighting off the attentions of a much younger man. Outspoken Aussie feminist Germaine Greer, 66, says another young Hollywood hunk recently invited her to bed.

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The appeal of 60 and something sex symbols lies in their confidence - and belief vamps can teach young men a thing or two. Here we look at several vintage vixens and see how they rate alongside the classic "older woman" seductress, Mrs Robinson in The Graduate THE former Dynasty star claims never to have had a love affair with a vintage over And Joan's keeping that record going, currently on her fifth vintage to Percy Gibson, Vintage they started dating five years ago, the star-struck theatre company boss admitted: I don't understand this whole age fixation.

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If I was decrepit, then I could. At 18 years his senior, Francesca was old enough to be playing his vamps in a production of Hamlet when they met.