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Vintage sinclair paint

Click for an eBay Search Form and lots more live petro auction listings. I'm restoring my sinclair Gas Pump I want to restore it as a Sinclair Dino.

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Does anyone know vintage correct paint colors? Sinclair Dino Gasoline Regular grade, Pumps have white sides and top, with green doors.

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Usually used ad sinclair, and porcelain "Sinclair Gasoline" sign with logo was mounted midway between bottom of dial or ad glass and paint. Sinclair Dino Gasoline on Capco. Sinclair Dino Supreme Premium grade, Pumps have white sides and top, with red-orange doors.

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Sinclair Supreme Gasoline on Capco. I know nothing about pumps, but I hope vintage helps you! Welcome to the site Paint. How 'bout some pics?

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Dick, that makes good sense match the colours to your signs decals, globe.