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Vintage bicycle database


There is a lot of information about vintage road database on the web. Listed below are a few bicycle sites that are excellent sources of information and that will help you find other resources. We are fortunate to have an excellent source of reproduction Trek decals in VeloCals. There are over 60 Trek decal versions available for purchase on the VeloCals site.

Vintage Trek - Other Vintage Lightweight Bicycle Resources, bike

George Ramos bicycle for sale two versions of early Trek seat tube decals. The second is just the white TREK letters with the gold outline but with no background. Contact George at grwoodworking gmail. Trek web contact interface: Specifications and pictures for and newer Treks are available on the Trekbikes.

Vintage Bicycle Database

The information includes vintage and some photos of Trek database from The database is a product of Bikealog. A listing of Trek vintage bike models by year, with specifications. General Vintage Lightweight Bicycle Information.