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Title: The Dungeon Part 7 Author: RoboBongoCuckooCop Celebs: Jordyn Jones, Chloe East, Lexee Smith Codes: Mf, ff, despoliation, anal, articulate, tort, invented, yoke, toys

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Title:  The Limo Driver Author: Tori Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens Codes: MF, Ff, MFf, MMF, cons, spoken, anal, WS, scat, homosexual

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Title: Disney Underground Author: Tori Celebs: Olivia Holt, Jenna Ortega Codes: FM, FMM, f, bunch, vocal, anal, pedo, bukkake

Rosamund Pike Sex Scene

Title: Confessions Author: Tori Celebs: Peyton List, Landry Bender, Rowan Blanchard Codes: MF, MMF, posse, put interested words, anal, help

Title: Emma Watson: Feminist in the matter of Sex Slave Author: Apoclost Celebs: Emma Watson Codes: anal, deepthroat, machines, tort, plundering, pedo, hypno, coot

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 5 Author: Wigglbutt65 Celebs: Hayley Williams Codes: ncon, anal, blunt, MMF, outrage, put over one`s knee, ws

Title: Crossing The Line, Part 8 Author: Tori Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld Codes: FF, BDSM, living thing, anal, rapine, WS

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 67 Author: Mal Celebs: Bella Thorne, Chloe Moretz Codes: MFF, MF, MMF, uttered, anal, rapine, BDSM, imagined, tort, MDom Summary: Bad girls obtain punished.

Title: Fantasy Island glassy Raquel Welch Author: Photodude6667 Celebs: Raquel Welch Codes: anal, BDSM ,beast, cons, F/m-teen, f+m ,fDom ,ff ,first ,inter ,mDom , group/f,mff ,mmf ,nc ,nc/con , articulated , sexual assault , wallop

Title: The Wizard for Slavery Author: Socarn Celebs: Judy Garland Codes: Mf, necromancy, NC, ravishment, nc/cons, spoken, greatest, Mdom, Bdsm, smack, WS

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