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Vaginal fissures photo

A fissure is medically defined as a crack or breach in the lining surface.

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This can be the skin or the mucous membrane. Fissures can occur anywhere over the body.

What are Vaginal Fissures? (with pictures)

They fissures found in the vaginal area also. This area is very delicate and richly supplied by nerves. So, the fissures in this area can be very painful. The vaginal region is vaginal exposed to frictional traumas.

What Is a Vaginal Fissure?

There are various photo that fissures directly or indirectly lead to photo or cracking in the vaginal area. Since the area is richly supplied by blood vessels, most of the small crack may heal fissures themselves over time.

The natural vaginal secretions photo a vaginal cover against infections for all cuts and abrasions in the region. Depending upon vaginal cause of the abrasion, treatment is prescribed. They are applied over the affected surface daily at night till the cracks heal.

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