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Treble clef euphonium finger chart 3 valve


I did a quick search for a fingering chart jut to provide some information for a valve, and was amazed at the array of information that became available. There are so many fingering charts finger have pictures, coloured dots and other ways euphonium showing chart fingering is possible for certain notes, but I found many of them to be quite confusing and only covering a fairly limited range.

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I have made this very simple as it has just the notes and finger numbers shown below for each note. I have included alternative fingerings for most notes as sometimes it is useful to to know these to help with intonation issues, or working around a tricky fingering pattern.

treble clef baritone chart -

I have also showed a more extended range, lower notes and upper register as this is pretty much accepted range! I have extended this idea to trumpet, cornet, flugel horn, tenor horn, and free bisexual chat rooms as I thought it would be useful too.

Even though the instruments are either in Bb or Eb, the finger patterns will work as written pitch for the instruments. The upper and lower registers treble often have alternative fingering patterns that I have not listed and the important thing in these registers is to consider which fingering will provide the most in clef notes for you.

3 Valve Brass Fingering Chart

For ease, I have uploaded these as. Please feel free to download, use, share or distribute as you wish. Your email address will not be published. Have you Subscribed via RSS yet?