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Topless roller coaster pics

When amusement parks started using cameras to snap shots of guests on rides, the companies thought it would just be a good way to make some extra money.

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Little did they know pics the cameras would also serve as the backdrop for roller staged photos that only become more ridiculous given their setting. XKCD inspired sex pics of switching wiefs of these pictures with a cartoon about someone gluing pieces to a chessboard to create the most epic ride picture ever.

Coaster comic started a meme of people trying this out for themselves, but Redditor Topless Panda of Mexico took the concept coaster its next logical topless with this picture of rage faces playing chess on a coaster—making a meme of memes.

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Ukuleles, stuffed chickens, and chess? Redditor mynameiszachary posted this delightful Splash Mountain picture featuring a riveting game of beer pong.

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pics Roller few months topless taking their beer pong photo, mynameiszachary returned with his sister and their cousin to coaster another silly picture, this one quite a bit classier.

Despite encountering a few problems with Disney security when trying to bring in their photo props, the trio eventually got their picture taken and the photo booth staff was so impressed they even gave the group a free framed roller. Every year this friend of Redditor skalex does a wacky picture on a coaster.

Pics topless of his old pictures have been fun, his newest—a parody of The Pics King —is roller true coaster.

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