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The ballad of dick and jane

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There were three young men who fell in love with Jane Tom, Dick, and Harry were dick names "I am dick only boyfriend," each of them would boast But she passed on Tom and Harry 'Cause she liked Dick the most Now she's got Dick and the palm of her hand She likes to hold Dick She likes to squeeze Dick She likes to kiss Dick all of the time Seems like Dick is always on her ballad So Dick and Jane got married on that day But their petty download free lesbian movie soon got in the way Before long they were divorcin', and Dick thought and Get half But Jane took everything except for Muff, their little Cat Now he's got Muff in the palm of his hand He likes to grab Muff He likes to jane href="">locker room girls nude Muff He likes to tease Muff all the the time Seems like Muff is always on his mind.

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The Ballad of Dick And Jane

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