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Teens accused of shoplifting

Skip to this video now. NC resident reacts to seeing flooded home. Dog rescued from Florence floodwaters.

3 black teens falsely accused of shoplifting by Nordstrom Rack employees

Hurricane Florence stalls over North Carolina. Former homeland security teens, Coast Guard admiral accused hurricane response. Water rescues underway amid heavy rains in North Carolina. A view from space as Hurricane Florence makes landfall.

Nordstrom Rack apologizes after three black teens are wrongly accused of shoplifting

Former homeland security adviser defends federal response to Hurricane Maria. Woman helped rescue family with baby from Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Florence's high winds, heavy rains beat down on North Carolina. Rain whips through Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Medical response underway during Hurricane Florence. NJ casino opens its door to people fleeing Florence. Hurricane Florence shoplifting as 'like a bomb'.

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Hurricane Florence prompts disaster response.