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Striped bass fishing baits

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There are two species of seaworms that are popular among striper fishermen, torrent web cam amateur bloodworm and the sandworm. Both are dug from mud tidal flats in Maine, but they can be found throughout the Northeast. Seaworms The worms are similar in their appearance and effectiveness, yet there is a strong regional preference for bloodworms in striped New Jersey, while fishermen to the north prefer sandworms.

Striped Bass Bait Guide

Bloodworms hold the hook a bit better than sandworms, but both are relatively fragile. In bass New Jersey, fishermen use them in rivers and back bays for spring stripers.

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In northern New Jersey and throughout New York, shore bass use sandworms in the surf and in the bays, fishing boat fishermen use them to sweeten trolling rigs.

A worm tipped at the end of a tube-and-worm rig is the secret to its success.

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For fishing these baits from shore, fishermen have the most luck using a two-hook rig like the Pompano Rig. Tied with short leaders and small baitholder or circle hooks, this rig is best fished on back-bay mud flats or sand beaches.

Years ago, slow-trolling sandworms on a worm harness from a small striped was the baits tactic for catching early-season stripers in Long Island Sound.

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The bizarre-looking tube-and-worm rig is a proven tactic for big stripers throughout the season. If you have leftover seaworms, fishing them on a bed of damp seaweed and put them in your refrigerator. They should keep for baits week or so.