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Statue of dog peeing on building

By Daily Mail Reporter.

Pissed-off artist adds statue of urinating dog next to ‘Fearless Girl’

It is certainly not what everyone would want in their garden. A Californian artist has created a building sculpture of a giant teen dress models urinating against a building. The 28ft tall and 33ft long steel structure - dubbed Bad Dog - was created by madcap artist Richard Jackson and has even been rigged to spray yellow paint onto the side of the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach.

The giant Labrador sculpture statue unimpressed by the Orange County Museum of art.

One fierce critic: Giant Labrador sculpture relieves itself over Californian modern art museum

According peeing the plaque the piece is intended as a cheeky swipe at 'the propriety of art museums and the often-elitist attitudes of the art world.

Thousands of tourists have flocked to admire the large-scale sculpture since its installation before it is torn down in May.

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The artwork - dubbed Bad Dog - has even been rigged to spray yellow paint onto the side of the Museum. The head of the giant art exhibition about to be hoisted into place next to the museum. Artist Jackson, 75, is well known for his off-the-wall humour and wacky installations which use machines and vehicles to create colourful eye-catching displays. Often referred to as a Neo-Dadaist, one of his memorable works, 's 'Accidents in Abstract Painting', was created by flying a paint-filled radio-controlled model plane with a fifteen-foot wingspan, into a twenty-foot wall.