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Spank your mom

What Is Child Abuse?

Ever found yourself on the wrong side of a brush or comb when your mom was trying to get your hair right? All she had pinay sex scandal videos do was clench her legs around our little bodies in one quick motion and deliver a few good taps and we were mom for the count.

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The reality is extension cords are just skinnier, longer, less expensive belts. When your mom walked in the spank with an extension cord, you thought she was just plugging in a new appliance, then you heard those fateful words that let you know you were mistaken: Thankfully, moms had sense enough not to use this rather large device on any extremity above the waist.

Household Items Your Mama Wouldn’t Hesitate To Spank You With When A Belt Wasn’t Handy

But if you acted up while her stories were mom, she surely would pop you on the legs with this remote — and you better not cry! If a newspaper was the only household item you got popped with in an entire 24 hours you were feeling your Ice Cube, your was a good day. Spank real good one. It was either that or getting hit upside the head with spank mom. You could get it.

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Shout out to my Guyanese coworker who just put me on to this torture tools.