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Spanish sex slang

How To Talk Dirty in Spanish

Posted spanish Ted Spanish know who you are. Ondas are waves, but not waves in the ocean which are olasbut sound or light waves. So perhaps a better translation for onda would be vibes. Someone who is buena onda sex cool porn corpora nice, while someone mala onda is slang. Slang, agarrar la onda means you understand, or get it.

Mande is the Mexican way to ask What? It can also be used like Tell me or Go aheadto encourage someone to speak, often on the telephone. Another way to say this, which is like Huh? Sex highly informal Really?

How to Talk Dirty to Your Guy in Spanish

Another common Mexican substitute for Really? Head down the list to Bad Words for other vulgar expressions in Mexican slang. It can be used to agree: Or it can express excitement, like Wow! The -ita or -ito for feminine or masculine nouns stem is a slang, used spanish show that something is small or cute.