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Sophie Lowe showing standing topless in front of a mirror in a bathroom and rubbing lotion on her breasts while a guy stands behind her and watches.

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She then turns around to chase him off sophie throwing the lotion at him. Sophie Lowe outdoor private sex in a doorway wearing green panties and a shirt that hangs open to show her bare breasts as she looks in at a guy in his bedroom.

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Sophie Lowe undressing on the bank of a pond at night, seen from a distance as she picks up an inflatable tube while naked and jumps into the water. We then nude a much closer view pictures she rises out of the tube to show sophie bare breasts while talking to a guy. We see her topless again as she tosses the tube and places the guy's hand on her breast.

Sophie Lowe nude

She and the guy then have sex on a the muddy shore before we see Sophie naked once more as she sits sophie the water washing up afterward.

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