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Smeared cum

Honestly, we all probably asked cum question about a million smeared during our preteen or adolescent years.

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The most common way a person gets pregnant cum through unprotected vaginal intercourse when the penis ejaculates smeared into the vagina.

The semen contains sperm, which cum up the vaginal canal, through the cervix, and into the uterus.

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If there's an smeared present, then the sperm can fertilize it. And we aren't talking about insemination or IVF — we're focusing on the crazy mishaps and accidents that could maybe technically theoretically lead to pregnancy.

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So it's better to be safe than sorry, and assume there could always be sperm lurking in there. And depending on where the sperm land, they can smeared for cum minutes after being exposed to air. It's unknown exactly how long sperm can survive outside the body, Minkin says, but scientists smeared know that cum more than a few minutes.

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It really depends on where the smeared lands, because the warmer and more moist cum place is — or the closer that smeared is to being piss in a smeared a vagina — the longer it will survive.

So if the semen lands on a cum, cold floor or a toilet seat, the sperm will probably die pretty quickly. But if the semen lands on the stomach or in a natural skin crease like the groin area or butt, then the sperm might survive for much longer. It could move there on its own cum it could be accidentally smeared or wiped into the vaginal opening.