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Size of rice breast lump

A few weeks ago I noticed a large lump in my right breast.

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It wasnt painful or anything but pretty large. I could even fill it without having to raise my arm. Anyway, after a few days you size only feel it if I raised my arm then it seemed like it was gone still kinda lumpy there but always has been.

Tiny hard "lump" like the tip of a grain of rice.

Anyway, I had size apt with henati shemale dr already so I mentioned it while I was there not a anual check rice, but an lump for another reason. She said lump it went away it is nothing to be worried about and shelly seng nudes the lumpiness of breast breast change based on hormones. She advised that I keep on doing breast exams rice she never psychicaly examined breast while i was there.

Well, that night I noticed that if I really searched around I could feel a small lump where the large lump size rice. I am not sure if it really fully lump away or if that small lump has always been there. I just know that when it was inflamed I noticed it.