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Sexy skin suits

And suits doing so, it raised exciting possibilities for creating a whole new level of immersion with bodyswapping. There visitors were able to both inspect and don her skin, which she made using special effects techniques common in motion pictures. The bodies were not idealized, but rather showed a remarkably diverse range of ages and—through scars and tattoos—lifelike experiences.

How emerging technologies are expanding human sexuality

Some of the suits also featured interior skin lining, allowing those interested to wear their new skin in comfort sexy even see themselves in a mirrored space. Sitkin may not have had immersive entertainment suits mind when starting her project. Where VR is mostly visual, what Sitkin did is create a much more direct and immediate form skin immersion: Going sexy further this could even become an invaluable tool for transgender individuals, allowing them to experience the suits sensations of having their correct gender.

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