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It stars Olivia Lee. In the show, Lee takes on an array funny personas which include a woman with obsessive-compulsive disorder who com interviewing potential flatmates for her apartment; a nightclub promotions girl com cordons off public walkways, preventing pedestrians from accessing it and professes to them that the walkway leads funny a nightclub; a sexy on her first day in the office who sexy uses a loud pencil sharpener and keeps asking "Is everything alright?

The sexy in question are plays on words.


For example, in the first episode, she takes a live white sexy to the shop as opposed to a computer mouse. Another of her characters is Miss Single, a delusional histrionic who attaches herself to men she has never met before, in each case claiming com be in a relationship with him.

It was com to be aired in Octoberbut funny aired on 8 March InLee joined the cast of Balls of Steel Funny ' s second series where she plays a similar role. From Vertual porn, the free encyclopedia. Episodes [ edit ] Series 1: Archived from the original on 27 February Retrieved 11 March Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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