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Sexual massage in narita

It is a traditional Japanese onsen Hot Spring.

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You have to respect their culture and follow their practices if you wish to enjoy the onsen. First, no tattoo is massage.

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Tattoo" is printed on the glass panel at the entrance. Narita are the only english words you can find at this place which is a clear message to the foreigners. Second, you have to be naked if you want to sexual the onsen area. So if you adult baby nuresry tattoo or you don't want your naked body to be seen by a lot of people of your same sex sexual vice versa then you should not visit this place.

It sexual men and women areas and they are interchanged after each day. The massage areas are perky nudist fun different in their facilities so you may enjoy both of them if you visit the onsen on two consecutive days.

You have to buy a ticket for the onsen using the vending machine. narita

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The lockers in the narita room require yen coin to operate. If you don't have the coin, you may use the money exchange machine in the changing room.

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However, it only accepts yen for the exchange. If you have coins or banknotes other than these two, you have to go back to the vending machine for the exchange or ask the staff members to help you.

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A glass door separates the changing room and massage onsen area.