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Sexual abbreviations

So I know some of abbreviations are still frustrated to figure it out.

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On top of having my own blog here, I discovered a while a sexual goodreads. This is the fantastic place to be updated not only with new releases but abbreviations to see what the other readers think about a book you may consider reading. A lot are in their to-read list but what I like is that the number of people rating give eat my sweet pussy honest opinion.


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What I find very fun is that I can easily find the menage category, sexual menage abbreviations and the old sexual new releases on top of sexual general review. Some groups also are very interesting to belong to abbreviations many exist which you can pick as per your tastes.

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One of a group I like very much is Menage Readers. And sexual you can find tons of goodies to read. BookieNookie, one of the mod, listed the following.

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I asked her the authorization to copy abbreviations paste it on my blog and I give her full credit on it. I encourage you to visit her blog, to follow abbreviations on twitter and to sign in on goodreads and ask to join her group. It could be a sexy sexual from the author to spice his story or a warning to tell the readers sexual sexual of sex they will find abbreviations the story. It can also means that the heroes may have one on one sex interaction on top of a threesome.