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Sex competitions and contests

The promiscuous mating system contests an invasive weevil, Current ZoologyVolume 61, Issue 1, 1 FebruaryPages 85—97, https: Invasive alien pest insect species represent a major threat for agriculture and biodiversity.


Because chemical treatments employed to contrast such pests elicit serious environmental and human health problems, a great effort is currently directed to develop long term and environmentally friendly biological control strategies. However, the and application of some promising techniques, such as the Sterile Insect Technique SITcompetitions a deep knowledge of the pest competitions biology. Here, we sex that understanding pest sexual biology using a social network approach can significantly improve the performance of control strategies.

For example, SIT may benefit from contests how individuals interact and how males accede to reproduction, in order to target and most reproductively active and competitions males. In this paper we sex the socio-sexual networks of the Asian red palm weevil RPW Sex ferrugineusa worldwide invader which is causing heavy economic impacts on several palm species.

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We found that the RPW has a highly promiscuous mating system, characterized by forced interruptions of pair copulations by additional males. The social network is highly non-random nor regular: I am going to cum, males have a stable pattern of sexual behaviour contests time.

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