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Sex animation from the 30 s

By Hallie Levine, Prevention.

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Getty Images, Pillow Illustration: Ryan Todd, Photo Animation: Like red wine and a fine cheddar cheese, certain things just get better with age. That said, you may not be able to pretzel yourself into the same sexual positions you could at Or maybe you can, but not without some element of risk. Maybe risk is part of the appeal. But if you're more concerned with safe sex -- the kind that won't lead to embarrassing ER visits -- here are some suggested the positions for every decade of life.

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Your 30s Illustration by: This often springs from "sacroiliac joint pain"--a discomfort sex your sacrum located at from base of your spine and the iliac bones the two large bones that make up your pelvisexplains Isa Herrera, a physical therapist at Renew Physical Therapy in New York.

As a result, many women in their 30s experience pain when attempting certain sexual positions.

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To avoid this pain, Herrera recommends an oldie but goodie: Even if pelvic pain isn't an issue for you, sensitivity below the belt is common -- especially if you've recently delivered.

She recommends a "spooning position," where you lie side by side with your partner, either facing animation edith bunker orgasm or in the same direction.