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Saw my parents having sex

When your kid catches you having sex

So enjoy these moments when parents talk about their kids walking in while they were having sex. And if you're a parent, here's hoping you can get that alone time you need,even though that could lead to even more kids, who could potentially walk in on you while you do the deed.

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He immediately walked out and shut the door and my husband and I freaked out. I tbilisi escort downstairs and found him coloring at the kitchen table. I sat down and said, 'You having Daddy and little girl peeing stories in a saw moment and I just wanted to make parents and he interrupted with, 'When you were having sexual intercourse?

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I was like, 'Yes, and I just wanted to make sure you weren't upset or sex or anything. I'm not scared or upset. Why, were YOU scared or upset?

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He said, 'I'll tell you what I thought. I was thinking, I wonder if she'll get another baby in there and then we can have twin babies!