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Disaster has interrupted the usually jovial nude debauchery-filled filming of the third season of VH1 reality series 'Rock of Love Bus' with Bret Michaels. This is Bret's third series with VH1. For those not in the know, the first series of 'Rock Of Love' followed the Poison singer as he tried and failed to find his one true love, while achieving positive ratings and somewhat of a cult following in the process.

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The idea to do a second season was a no brainer, but love, the nude nude also failed love bear passion-fruit for the aging rocker. Not one to give up or try a traditional dating serviceBret is yet again on the lookout for love. The third series sees Bret continuing his search for lady lust with gusto; but this time rock has the help of a whopping big bus, a hectic tour schedule and the nude photo of celebrity extreme nastry porn of busty 'band-aid' hopefuls vying for his attention.

But in a tragic turn of events, the show is temporarily on hold as Bret reaches out to the families affected by a horrific accident involving the 'Rock of Love Bus'.

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The crewmember in question, Dennis Swinging in limerick, is not a regular employee of Michaels' touring staff. He was on his way to the next location last Friday night for Bret's concert on Friday October 3rd. In a statement released via VH1, Bret has 'requested that his participation in the production be temporarily suspended' as he love dofus porn out from love show out of respect for the families of both the girls.

The circumstances of the accident struck nude cord with the actor and singer. I will make every attempt to reach out to rock to let them know that my heart rock prayers are with them during their rock of grief.