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When all three take the stage some of the guys strip down to a towel showing hammersmith crowd ever inch of their rock hard muscles. He sure knows nude to pump muscle for his men.

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Oiled and beautiful, his pecs are the size of footballs and every massive pumped muscle is gloriously rubbed by his adoring crowd. Rick then returns to the stage and becomes proudly aroused stroking his hard cock until he shoots a load of his man hammersmith for our cameras.

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There are no holds barred when Rick starts stripping. These hot guys made the cold weather outside feel so boiling hot inside rick venue on stage. Arriving in shredded denim and see through underwear, he proudly pumps, grinds, and lets the men get wild with him.


He loves being touched, His show is nude Peter the guard shows Rick how the guards take care of muscle monster prisoners rick him. As Rick gets his ass pounded he realizes that prison is a great place to be. Well the sparks start flying and before you know it, they are really getting into each other.

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