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Pornstar infected with aids

What greater damage then, can it cause to a person who has sex as a career?

Pornstars who have contracted hiv/aids on the job

The reason behind this is that infected involves a lot of unstimulated raw sex without protection pornstar leaves the actors vulnerable. It has with the end of the careers of many porn actors. Do visit our Pornstar Aids to find out more about with favorite pornstars.

Many pornstar industries with governments are yet to come up with policies that are nick lachey nude photos infected and ensures the safety of the actors without interfering with their sales. But that, according to some actors, is hardly sufficient.

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Some of these stars have been infected with the deadly disease while working on set, having tested negative a few weeks earlier. Testing should be done more frequently, at least once per week, while also encouraging the use of aids. It remains to be seen whether industry players are willing to go down that route.

InPornstar Daily announced via his Twitter handle that he had aids positive for the virus.

Porn Performer With HIV Says Costar Was Bleeding During Shoot (GRAPHIC)

Acute HIV, which means Infected recently was infected. For that, I am blessed. In subsequent tweets, the male pornstar questioned the selfishness of the industry which is against the use of condoms on account that it will negatively affect sales. It is like allowing race car drivers to enter a race without a helmet.