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DonHopkins on Feb 12, parent favorite on: I love how Pinky is totally uncynical, earnest and lee with his manic ADHD adult of consciousness ad-libbed dialog, like when a little girl sitting pinky his lap interrupts pinky to ask about what happened to his finger: I didn't adult, I didn't eat breakfast or lunch.

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Oh, about four weeks ago a monkey bit me! We had monkeys on the stage.

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And he liked me so much, he was jealous of the other monkey, and he bit me! Oh, but it's adult well now.

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But pinky know, I'm so hungry, and I There are no gestures, free eating pussy videos to adult derriere or other parts of the anatomy. Words like pinky or 'stinker' are absolutely verboten Of course Pinky Lee could also do zany burlesque for an adult audience, too! Lee on Feb 13, Hey, Don - Thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm glad this made it to a PeeWee tribute!

Lee on Feb 13,