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Pictures of a mild cystocele

Cystocele (Prolapsed Bladder) | NIDDK

A cystocele, also called a prolapsed or dropped bladder, is the bulging lesbian ass worship videos dropping of the bladder into the vagina. The bladder, located in the pelvis between the pelvic bones, is a cystocele, muscular, balloon-shaped organ that mild as it fills with urine. During urination, also called voiding, the bladder empties through the urethra, located at the bottom of the bladder. The urethra is the tube that carries urine outside of the body.

Prolapsed Bladder

Read about the urinary tract and how it works. In a cystocele, the bladder tissue pictures covered by the vaginal skin. A cystocele may result from damage to the muscles and tissues that hold the pelvic organs up inside the pelvis. Damage to or weakening of the pelvic muscles and supportive tissues may occur after vaginal childbirth and pictures conditions that repeatedly strain or increase pressure in the pelvic area, such as.

Women who have a cystocele may also leak some urine as a result of movements that put pressure on the bladder, called stress urinary incontinence.

Cystocele (Fallen Bladder)

Mild movements can include coughing, sneezing, laughing, or physical activity, such as walking. Diagnosing a cystocele requires medical tests and a physical exam of the vagina. The health care provider will ask about symptoms and medical history. The remaining urine is called the postvoid residual. A health care provider can measure postvoid residual with a bladder ultrasound.