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Pics of sex rituals

Orgies The Ancient Greek pagan orgiastic practices have little in common with pics orgies.

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The rituals would take place rituals certain days. They would wear head decorations sex of ivy leaves during the Baccanalia.

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Drinking wine, sex reed pipes and singing and dancing would take place. Men would imitate animal sounds to call upon teen creampie porn pics gods. Once the crowd went into ecstasy they would begin the sexual acts. Greek historian Theopompus described how Pics women in the 4th century BC gave themselves to men who were not their husbands in a type of public orgy with drinking and feasting.


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Men and women would watch each other having sex and swapping partners. He described the women, with shaved bodies, engaging in gymnastic sexual position.

And of course, everyone knows of the Greek symposiums where groups of toga-clad individuals would gather to eat, discuss philosophy and gradually sink into a state of drunken excitement. And so, girls, when fucking time comes… not the faintest whiff of it anywhere, right?

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