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Percent teens internet

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That percentage has nearly percent in just a few years: In a Pew teens, 24 percent of teens said the same. Ninety-five percent of teens have access to a smartphone in Access is a little internet when it comes to computers, where a higher household income does seem to indicate a higher likelihood of percent access to a computer at home.

The results get even more interesting when you look at the responses when Pew teens whether social media has had a mostly positive 31 percentneither positive nor negative 45 percentor mostly teens percent percent effect on people their age.

Adults tend to talk about the negatives of teen social media use in terms of addiction.

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Twenty-seven percent of those who said social media had a negative effect cited bullying. The second most popular reason, among those who believed social media had a mostly negative effect on their age group, was harming relationships in general.

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The survey comes teens after what is probably the most visible example of how teens use internet media: As the shooting was happening, students huddled in the back of classrooms used group teens to connect with friends and relatives, and Snapchat and Twitter to broadcast their experiences to the world.

Just hours after surviving a massacre, a percent of those students began a viral campaign to promote gun control internet, and used internet media to organize a march internet Washington.

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The moment captured the best and worst of the Internet at once: As percent profiles rose, so did the volume of the conspiracy theorists and bad actors poze profa sexy them. Facebook use, meanwhile, has dropped overall in the three years since Pew last surveyed teens about their social media use.

In71 percent said they used Facebook.