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Penis bulge in pants

Look at it this way would u rather have women and girls noticed u have something pants Or not noticed you have anything?

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I sometimes wonder how it would be to walk around with a huge boner lol. A gay guy once told me that his was penis big that he use to pull it under himself and stick it in his ass. I was with a guy that size and you couldn't tell unless he was in boxers or sweats.

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Jeans, shorts and slacks weren't a bulge because they were looser in the crotch. To answer the question directly In the military the 70's shorts didn't hide penis, but someone got offended and in 's era we now wear trunks.

Not like your normal swimming trunks, but its like wearing superman underwear with baggy shorts over it.

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However try out running in loose swimming trunks, tends to do the trick. Pants have a VPL when I am in running shorts, I drunks pissing stopped caring and all of a sudden it wasn't bulge problem anymore. So, nikki catsouras uncensored video of all, you didn't need to assure us of its erect size.

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Secondly, this is a problem no one cares about but you. No one is staring at your crotch. Act like there is no bulge and you won't call attention to it.