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Penelope cruz breast picture

Penélope Cruz dares to bare all in shocking new drama Ma Ma

In her new film Ma Breast, Cruz plays Magda, a young mother facing cancer who finds a lump in her breast. Magda embarks on a life-shattering, penelope ultimately life-affirming journey as she is confornted with cancer and her own mortality.

The radiant actress casts aside vanity and modesty as she exposes not only her body, but her raw emotions as she faces her worst fear. In fact, the title breast the film, Ma Ma, plays on nude girl fight videos the word for mother and the word for breasts. On the same day cruz Magda recives her diagnosis, Arturo, a talent scout is watching her son's football match. Suddenly he hears the tragic news that a car accident has killed his daughter and left his wife penelope cruz coma.

Magda picture in picture rushes him to the hospital.

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The fact the film is as much about motherhood as it is about illness is reinforced as Magda and Arturo penelope strength in each other. Believe us, you won't need to speak Spanish to picture the painfully universal themes of love, fear, loss and hope. Thi sis not a film that seeks to simply depress and demoralise us.

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Magda is a fighter and Penelope Cruz sweeps us along as she stares into the camera in her hospital gown and declares "Vamos. Never has that been more true than now breast she strips on screen for a powerful cause.

SG Cruz looks at her body one last time cruz the operation. SG The doctor checks for breast cancer.