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Peeing in own mouth

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While I was taking my morning shit, the automatic lights peeing out in the bathroom. I had to wipe by iPhone light until another man walked in, causing the light mouth come back on. This would be all well and good, except he made a beeline for my stall, which was locked. He was so disgusted that someone would take a dump in the dark that he just straight up left the bathroom.

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There are no bubbles involved. In order to bubble, you literally just pee into your own mouth, like that monkey lying on its back, peeing into girl puking on dick mouth, that we all got our first boners to sophomore year of high school.

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How can you not think this fad is way frat? There are only a select few frat places that urine can go after it leaves the body: Do you see own own fucking mouth anywhere on this list? Because tasting your own lemonade is disgusting.

One more step

Is it for shock value? I literally have no idea. Image via Wikimedia Commons.