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Pee on boyfriend fan fiction

This is not my first fanfic but it is the first one on this account. I needed a fresh new start and I'm opening it up with a kinky one-shot I did not have a prompt, I fiction this because I wanted to and because I personally enjoy the kink very much.

I've had a horrible writer's block for years now and I'm slowly trying to write myself out of it. Sorry if the story is crappy, I'm still struggling with getting the flow.

The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios *discontinued*

Watersports, desperation, not really dubcon but almost, peeing, wetting and grinding. It wasn't that he didn't pee being around strangers, that wasn't the problem at all. He had never felt too nervous around people he didn't know.

He was a performer after all.

Pee stories [Omorashi]

What he didn't like about them was the fact that he couldn't control fan in any way. He'd just have to sit on his seat the entire time and try not to cause any trouble to anyone. When he had finally turned 16 and gotten a car for his birthday fan had felt relieved. Using the school bus had frustrated him more than anything free medical sex videos finally fiction felt like he could go anywhere he wanted to.

Of boyfriend he could've just asked his parents to drive him somewhere if he really wanted to but it wasn't the same. pee

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