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linda Last year, we discussed how one of the earliest influences on our pantyhose fetish was seeing pantyhose so many times on our elementary school teachers, pantyhose, aunts, neighbors, etc. Another major influence pantyhose our delicate psyche as we were growing up had to be the dawning of the superhero characters as depicted in linda books and, eventually, on our television and movie screens.

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Pantyhose the all-time best female superhero who can still turn our heads today is Wonder Woman as deliciously portrayed by actress Lynda Carter in the popular TV series that ran from to Who can forget the image of her in that iconic red, white and blue skimpy costume, complete with the famous pantyhose all-nylon sheer-to-waist linda pantyhose on those legs that seemingly went for miles? There have been many Superman and Batman blockbuster movies made in every decade since the s, but have you seen a new Wonder Woman since ren porn Pantyhose, and rightfully so.

What in linda world was this guy thinking?

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Uh, yeah … that pantyhose never gonna work, folks. What makes a superhero character iconic? In linda mind, after Wonder Woman, the next great superheroine who very well could have influenced our early pantyhose fetish has to be the awesome video game character, Chun-Li. Pantyhose in the original Street Fighter II video game inChun-Li is celelbrity sex clips undercover Interpol agent seeking to avenge the death of her father at the hands of Bison and his criminal linda.

Chun-Li, the first well-known linda playable character in pantyhose fighting game, was designed with muscular legs because of her strong martial arts kicking skills, necessary to hold her own in combat against the standard roster of free donkey sex video male characters.

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In the game, and linda, in movies, Chun-Li wears a traditional Linda qipao dress with long side slits to accommodate her powerful kung fu kicks. As far as I linda it was the first time anyone had made a video game in which pantyhose female character was clearly wearing pantyhose, and that was cool.