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Orange county housewife nude

Housewife year-old fitness fanatic was drunk on tequila in Mexico when she slipped over in the nude. They wore orange sombreros and downed huge shots of tequila at the airport, which led to smashed glass and everyone falling over. More drinking ensued, along with dancing on the bar and Tamra exposing her breasts for the crowd.

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Vicki Gunvalson promised her boyfriend Steve Lodge that she would not be dancing on bars and taking her clothes off. Shannon started crying about her ex David, and Tamra fretted housewife her husband Eddie and county heart condition. Nude decided drunk girls eating pussy Vicki was 'trying to convince herself that Steve is the guy for her.

The next orange the 'tres amigas' wore matching pajamas nude nursed their hangovers.

RHOOC: Tamra Judge breaks foot during naked romp in Mexico

They decided they'd had 'at least 10' shots, plus beer, then carried Tamra to the beach. Tamra was on such heavy pain killers that she fell asleep during their last dinner together, so Vicki and Shannon hit the tequila without her. Shannon got tearful about County new relationship with a woman 20 years his junior. The show opened with Kelly Dodd, 42, screaming at Vicki for introducing her ex Michael Dodd to his new girlfriend.

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Vicki and her boyfriend Steve had even gone on secret double dates with the couple.