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Nudist beach in sicily

Agrigento: Greek Temples, Nude Beaches, and Turkish Pirates

August 5, by 2driftingcoconuts. Reaching the 8-month mark on our round sicily world travels we really wanted to slow down and soak up the culture and lifestyle which is exactly what we did in our month in southeastern Sicily.

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In Sicily no nudist bats an eye if you walk around all day in your shorts and flip-flops. No one cares if beach drink red wine with seafood or if you order more than one kind of meat with your meal.

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As our last few days on the island approached we made a mad dash to nudist some highlights of southern region.

So what to nude beaches, Greek temples and Turkish pirates have in common. They sicily all be found near the beach of Agrigento. We decided to split our time here exploring Valley of the Temples and two nearby beaches; the famous white chalky cliffs of Scala dei Turchi, and the deserted, unspoiled nudist of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve.

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Nowadays this natural rarity attracts throngs of visitors who flock here to experience peculiarity first hand. Marl is the word used by geologists to describe sicily giant chunk of chalk, which leaves a fine, white dust on everything it touches. Watching the late afternoon sun cast shadows of orange and yellow over the pale stone is dreamlike.

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Venturing a little further west than the herd of tourists, we enjoyed the stunning vistas by ourselves. On the ridgeline directly across from Agrigento lies the remains of seven ancient Greek temples, considered the best example of Doric architecture outside of Greece. The archaeological park is fully exposed to the intense sun so we timed our arrival in the late afternoon 6pm and stayed until 9pm when the security guards asked us beach leave closing time was tranny trick angelica and leo.

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