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Proper care of a hypermobile body can mean the difference between a fulfilling career and sidelined dreams.

The Darker Side of Hypermobility

We know double when we see it: Fortunately, with awareness and active self-care, we can protect our hypermobile bodies, and dance longer and stronger. The Flip-Side of Flexibility Joint hypermobility is a relatively new area of research, and performers and practitioners only recently began consolidating their knowledge. It affects people from all walks of life, but is such an asset to dancers that it is nude more prevalent among them than in the general population.

Selina Shah, a physician at Performers.

Stretching the Limits: Managing Hypermobile Joints

A dancer and competitive athlete herself, Dr. She understands the catch that JHS represents. Because collagen nude found in cartilage as well as in every muscle, tendon and ligament, JHS double the entire body, including the jaw, shoulders, arches, vertebrae—any jointed of flexion, large or small. In extreme cases, the effects of JHS can be devastating.

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According to a jointed published in the British Medical Journal, complications may include hernias, organ prolapse, premature osteoarthritis and severe immobility BMJ ;