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Nude club in lagos

For the uninitiated, it natasha yi nude pic look strange and immoral.

5 HOTTEST STRIP CLUBS RIGHT NOW IN LAGOS! + Everything you need to know about their operations

Yet, for the dozens of patrons gleefully watching, it was a salacious entertainment. Strippers lagos Ocean Blue, a strippers? Last Friday, two young girls? Club girl with the toy acted lagos role of a man during an intercourse with her colleague that lasted for over 30 minutes.

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The patrons, mostly men, showed appreciation by throwing money at the strippers nude the show lasted. Apart from dancing naked, the girls gave a? Lap dance is a kind of dance where the girl dances naked on top of a man, rubbing her body on the private parts of the patron to arouse him. At the peak of the show, some patrons club paid N4, were ushered into the VIP hall, a dark hall inside the club, where they nude do anything with the girls.

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The money is shared between the club management and the particular girl who takes care of the patron. News investigation reveals that the stripper receives N2, for the job and N2, goes to the club as entrance fee to the VIP hall.

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Entrance fee to the club is N2, and if a patron wishes to have a?